DeepStateMAP | Day 232 | Map of the war in Ukraine

(18) UN News auf Twitter: „BREAKING The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that condemns #Russia’s „illegal so-called referendums“ in regions within #Ukraine’s internationally-recognized borders, and demands it reverses its annexation declaration. In favour: 143 Against: 5 Abstentions: 35“ / Twitter

20221013072722-f2618104.jpg (3997×3283)

(17) Yuri Lyamin auf Twitter: „New footages of use the upgraded version of Russian „Lancet-3“ kamikaze drone against Ukrainian forces. This version has been tested in Syria for the first time since at least the 2020 and features a large front X-shaped wing, a larger warhead etc (“ / Twitter

(17) J. comme JéJé ?? ?? #UkraineMap auf Twitter: „That’s how russians like to send the kids to school.. Ukr took back a little village in #Kherson Oblast and make that discover… i hope they moved all ammo aout of there before posting the vid though.. cuz‘ we have seen how this could badly end .“ / Twitter

(17) GeoConfirmed auf Twitter: „GeoConfirmed. „RAM II loitering munition striking reportedly Russian Osa air defense system“ 46.791738, 32.427295 GeoLocated by @zcjbrooker“ / Twitter;%C2%A0

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(17) Special Kherson Cat ??? auf Twitter: „According to Russian-appointed head of Crimea, waiting at the ferry crossing in Crimea takes about 3-4 days. And there are about 900 trucks in line at the moment. #Ukraine #Crimea“ / Twitter

(17) Benjamin Strick auf Twitter: „Huge backlog of trucks waiting to cross the Kerch seen in satellite imagery taken yesterday by @Maxar. Backlog is waiting at this abandoned airport: 45.3657456, 36.4088473.“ / Twitter

(17) Samuil Petkanov auf Twitter: „@PeterZeihan This one seems more recent:“ / Twitter

(17) Liveuamap auf Twitter: „Maxar: In Crimea, today’s imagery shows repairs in progress on both the rail line of the Crimea Bridge as well as on damaged sections of the road/vehicle bridge span via @Maxar“ / Twitter

(14) Rob Lee auf Twitter: „Video of the damage. 29/“ / Twitter

(15) ChrisO auf Twitter: „1/ With the news today that Russia has arrested eight people as suspects for the bombing of the Crimea Bridge on 8 October, I thought it would be useful to try to piece together a full account of the Russian narrative, as I’ve not yet seen it in Western sources. Long ? follows.“ / Twitter

(16) Hugo Kaaman auf Twitter: „[Thread] At 6AM on October 8, a massive explosion collapsed sections of the Kerch road bridge & also damaged the adjacent railway bridge, severely incapacitating Russian logistics to and from Crimea. Here’s my take on the attack, and why It was likely a suicide car bomb (SVBIED)“ / Twitter

(16) Chuck Pfarrer | Indications & Warnings | auf Twitter: „KERCH BRIDGE: Photos reveal downward blast damage on adjacent guardrails– indicating the airburst of a ballistic missile warhead, not the surface detonation of a VBIED, as Moscow claims. When the submerged section is raised, it will reveal a neat penetration crater.“ / Twitter

(17) Igor Sushko auf Twitter: „#Russia is repairing 800 T-62 tanks (manufactured 1961-1975) to send to #Ukraine.“ / Twitter

(17) Rob Lee auf Twitter: „Looks like Russian/LDNR forces are now using 152mm D-1 M1943 howitzers, which were first produced during World War II.“ / Twitter

(17) Gabriele Molinelli auf Twitter: „More ex-british army SPARTAN APC and SULTAN command posts heading to Ukraine, purchased privately by the ex president of Ukraine. The SULTAN is the tall one. Wonder if Ukraine still uses it as command post or perhpas has repurposed them as transports.“ / Twitter

(17) Cᴀʟɪʙʀᴇ Oʙsᴄᴜʀᴀ auf Twitter: „Spot the issue with this image“ / Twitter

(2) Serhiy Prytula auf Twitter: „WW1-style duel. Ukrainan Mavic-drone, which we have delivered to one of the airborne units in Donetsk region, destroyes russian opponent. Amazing! Pls support our Armed Forces:“ / Twitter

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