DeepStateMAP | Day 239 | Map of the war in Ukraine

(5) ??? ???? ???????? auf Twitter: „Welcome to Ukraine 1361/“ / Twitter

(13) Aldin ?? auf Twitter: „This is how drafted Russian Forces are presented to Putin. This is exactly the great representation of situation in Russian Military. Presentation to Putin and reality have nothing in common.“ / Twitter

Occupiers dismantle monument to victims of Holodomor in Mariupol | Ukrainska Pravda

(13) Samuel Ramani auf Twitter: „BREAKING: The Dutch Parliament votes in support of the creation of a special tribunal in The Hague to prosecute Russian military and political leaders for invading Ukraine“ / Twitter

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Militärische Unterstützungsleistungen für die Ukraine | Bundesregierung

OpenTopoMap – Topographische Karten aus OpenStreetMap

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