DeepStateMAP | Day 241 | Map of the war in Ukraine

OpenTopoMap – Topographische Karten aus OpenStreetMap

(6) Maria Avdeeva auf Twitter: „Russian military mined the dam of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant and are planning a historical disaster – Zelensky. They are going to blow up the dam to blame Ukraine.“ / Twitter

(1) Special Kherson Cat ??? auf Twitter: „ANTONOVSKY BRIDGE ? /34.3 Russians showed sunken barge after yesterday’s shelling. It is also a chance to take a closer look at the barge bridge and the holes on the Antonovsky bridge.“ / Twitter

(6) Alex Kokcharov auf Twitter: „In this video from #Grozny, #Chechnya, south #Russia, 16-yo son of Chechnya head Ramzan Kadyrov is “gifting” to his father three Ukrainian POWs captured in #Ukraine. If this is not a theatre but real life situation, this is modern slavery.“ / Twitter

(6) Andrei_bt auf Twitter: „Looks like T-62MV got an upgrade of night sigt with thermals installed –“ / Twitter

(6) C4H10FO2P auf Twitter: „Top modern ?? TRML-4D arrived in ?? „Multi-Functional Air Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar System“ Able to locate 1500 targets, 250km, 360°“ / Twitter

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